Upgrade Asus ZenFone 4.5 (A450CG) to Android Lollipop

How to Upgrade Asus ZenFone 4.5 (A450CG) to Android Lollipop Operating System Major Update Manually. Asus ZenFone 4.5 (A450CG) is the most affordable and featured pack smart-phone that is developed by the major computer and smart-phone hardware maker Asus. It has finally provided the major operating system upgrade. At this time the major lollipop upgrade inconvenience that has been caused in using Asus system update application. Finally like to inform you that at present the FOTA over air updates are not available via Asus system update application. Please follow the below steps to manually install the Firmware to upgrade to the Android Lollipop Upgrade.

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How to Manually Upgrade the Android Lollipop Upgrade.

Step-I (Check the SKU versions)

Open Settings –> About –> Software Information

You will see the Following SKU Versions

  1. Version WW
  2. Version TW

Note: If SKU version detected as WW go for firmware upgrade WW

Note: If SKU version detected as TW go for firmware upgrade TW

Step-II (Visit official Asus Zenfone website to download the latest firmwares)


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Select the Android OS —-> finally select the firmware SKU Versions

Step-III (Download & Save Firmware Version)

Android Lollipop in your PC / Laptop.

Android Lollipop Firmware upgrade for SKU Version WW_5.3.5

Android Lollipop Firmware upgrade for SKU Version TW_5.3.5

Step-IV (Paste the firmware file to it in the phone’s internal storage)

Note: Please don’t paste this in any Folder / Sub-Folder, simply paste this into the internal storage drive / Root drive.

Step-V (Disconnect the device and you should receive a notification to install the software)

You will receive the Notification to install the firmware upgrade.

Note: You need to charge the battery full before proceeding to this steps.

After rebooting the OS you have successfully installed the Android lollipop.

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Congratulation now you have android Lollipop upgrade.

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