SHAREit automatically updates your SHAREit version 2.xx to 3.xx /  4.xx versions automatically without any notice. The Newer SHAREit version does not make any sense most of the SHAREit it user won’t like it at any cost. Most of the user like the SHAREit version 2.xx and mostly like to stick on 2.xx versions. It has most simple GUI like SHAREIT for Android. Most of the users are sharing file over WiFi connections most of the users are recommending the SHAREit for the file sharing over the WiFi including sending large files. This tutorial provide the procedures how to turn off the auto updates of SHAREit apps for your PC.

How to Turn Off Auto Update of SHAREit for Windows PC

When you connected to internet for some time SHAREIT automatically updated to future versions without any notice to user and the update screen looks like this.

Note: Before starting the steps you need to turn off the Internet connection before proceeding to the given steps.

Step-1 (Uninstall the SHAREit App)

You need to uninstall the share it app from uninstall or change program control panel.

Step-2 (Install the SHAREit App)

You need to install the SHAREit App on you PC. Before installing these settings must be used before proceeding to installations.

Step-3 (Delete and Create the Lenovo Directory)

Hit on Windows Key + R and type %temp% to go to the Temp directory find the Lenovo directory and hit on Delete button and After that Create the Lenovo Directory on Temp DIR.

Step-4 (Apply Deny Permission to Lenovo Directory)

Right click on Lenovo Directory and hit on Properties.
You will see the given properties.
Hit on Security Tab finally hit on Advanced.
You will see the given screen after that hit change permission.
Hit on deny for all the users on given nag screens hit on ok button.
After completing all the steps you will see given screens.
Finally hit on OK to see blank screens.
Now you can see the Security Icon on before the the Delete and Rename.
That’s all the SHAREit Auto Updates are Turned off.

That’s all for now.