In the old descend days the file transfer is done by wire methods or wireless methods like Bluetooth file sharing. In Bluetooth file sharing method it is done but in slow speeds. After some time new wireless methods are invented to share the internet connections across the devices. Now it is used as a file sharing for both personal and business purpose with great speeds and reliability. We shortlist the WiFi sharing great app known as shareit.

Introduction of ShareIt

ShareIt is an propitiatory application developed by Lenovo Inc. It firstly developed for and android operating system platforms later it is developed on Window Operating system Platforms. ShareIt is the most popular app in the android devices for WiFi file sharing purpose. It provides the best in class architecture for WiFi sharing purpose.

Features of ShareIt

  • WiFi file Sharing with good speed
  • Easy GUI Interfaces
  • Good Security while transfer the files around two devices
  • Major Mobile and PC platforms are supported
  • File transfer can be done between Mobile PC and Tablet.
  • It is Integrated in operating systems easily
  • Plug and Play working Principle
  • and more features that can be highlighted during usages

Installation of ShareIt on Windows

Step-I (Download the ShareIt Package from official Websites)

Official ShareIt download

Step-II (Starting of shareit setup)


Step-III (Accept the License Agreement)


Step-IV (Installation Location of ShareIt)


Step-V (Finishing the Installation)


Official ShareIt Tutorials and Usages

Introduction to ShareIt


Invite a friends


Recommend the ShareIt.


How to Send


How to Receive


Sent to discoverable devices


Receiver successfully received the file and acknowledge it


Configuration of ShareIt


Finally Send and Receive the files using WiFi between Windows PC and Android


That’s all for now.