Top Desktop Linux Distribution Guide for 2015

Top Desktop Linux Distribution Guide for 2015. Which is created according to choices of Linux users in a mind. This guide proves and shortlist the best Desktop Linux distribution in the respective categories provided here. Every one knows that Linux is an open source Operating System. The Linux Kernel Source Codes available to every one in the planet earth as well as in the universe. Linux Distribution list is endless in every days more than hundreds of new Linux distributions are came into a existence. Due to long list of Desktop Linux Distributions we have shortlist the updated Desktop Linux distributions for the Linux loyal readers.

Top Best Desktop Linux Distribution Guide for 2015.

Here we have short list the Latest Linux Distributions according to the Out of box features present in Linux distributions suitable of regular desktop usages are given below:

  1. Linux Mint 17.2 (Cinnamon Desktop Environment)
  2. Korora 22 (Cinnamon Desktop Environment)
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Introduction of Linux Mint 17.2

Linux Mint is a Desktop Linux Distributions that is developed by Linux Mint Team it is derivative of Ubuntu build form Ubuntu source stack. All Ubuntu apps are supported in Linux Mint and uses the DEB package management utilities. DEB is a Package management utilities primarily based on the Debian Linux Distributions.

Introduction of Korora 22

Korora is a Desktop Linux Distributions that is developed by Korora Team it is a derivative of Fedora mainly based on Fedora Project. All Fedora applications are supported in Korora and uses the RPM based package management utilities. RPM package management is mostly used by the RHEL and CentOS based enterprise grade Linux OS.

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Who is the Winner?

Linux Mint vs Korora tabulations and each Linux Distributions has its own characteristics but the table shows the specifications of above Linux distributions.

Linux Mint 17.2 Korora 22 Which is the Best? Who is the Winner
Linux Kernel 3.16 4.1.3 4.1.3 Korora 22
GNU GRUB Bootloader 2.02 2.02 2.02 TIE
System and Service Manger initd systemd systemd Korora 22
Package Management DEB RPM RPM & DEB TIE
Package Installer apt-get dnf apt-get & dnf TIE
Desktop Environment Cinnamon Cinnamon Cinnamon TIE
Parent Linux Distribution Ubuntu Fedora Fedora Korora 22
End Of Life 2019 2016 2019 Linux Mint 17.2
Package Update Frequency Less No. of updated packages High No. of Updated Packages High No. of Updated Packages Korora 22
Long Term Support (LTS) Stategy Available Unavailable Available Linux Mint 17.2
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The Final Winner is Korora 22

After finding summary from this above table the Korora 22 wins. The table shows the data collected from the each versions and sub-versions of the OS where Korora 22 wins the match and holds the position as a Top Desktop Linux Distribution for 2015. Hope you install and enjoy the Korora 22.

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