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Meet the TechBrown Editors

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  • Amit Tembhurne

    Amit Tembhurne


    Hi , I am Amit and I love to share the a gossips of Linux Operating System with simplified applied tips and tricks that is easy to integrate and love to solves the technical issues and bugs.

  • Pranav Andhare

    Pranav Andhare


    Hi, I`am Pranav, I am a Microsoft Windows Geek also a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Specialist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

  • Umakant Wararkar

    Umakant Wararkar


    Hi, I am Umakant, a technical freelance writer for Linux and Windows Operating System and love to share tips and tricks for Linux and Windows Operating System. A technical FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) writer for Open source Linux Distributions and Software’s. Also works on Finance Related software’s and currently working on various finance and management related projects.

  • Mayur Durge

    Mayur Durge


    Hi , I am Mayur , a technical guy love to share the tutorial online videos and various personalization related resources for Operating Systems and Software’s.

  • Ishan Doye

    Ishan Doye


    Hi, I am Ishan, a Linux Expert as well as an IT Engineer. Also I am a Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Microsoft Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and Microsoft Certified Professional. I Love to write Technical Articles on Linux & Windows Operating System platforms.

  • Bhimrao Bhowate

    Bhimrao Bhowate


    Hi, I am Bhimrao, A Operating System Expert, I had several hobbies, such as Operating System Total Analysis which ended up becoming my first priority and just find smarter work decision when facilitate to solve the Operating System problems with ease.

  • Gopal Raha

    Gopal Raha


    Hi, I’m Gopal a Tech Geek and IT Security Enthusiast, working in the field of system administrator having decade of experience in Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms also Love to share the tech resources.