Internet is the most important public network for connecting to the WEB. For internet connection requirement the ISP is required as well as it requires the OS like Windows 8.1 and Linux, You need a good internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome ,etc. Now a days the internet connection charges are increasing day by day to minimize the utilization of internet is required for successful reduce of internet cost. This tutorial Explain about turn off or Disable Background Internet and Data Usage on Windows 8.1.

Note: By turning off or disabling the updates for the third party Windows Application as well as Windows Automatic Update and Windows OS will face the Security vulnerabilities and  Performance issue when turn off the Automatic updates on Windows OS.

Step-I (Remove the virus from your Windows PC)

Virus is the most important problem for background internet usage without prior notice to the user. Installing best Antivirus program on Windows is the most necessary to reduce the infections present on the windows based PC. Web Firewall is most important for stopping external virus connection via Internet for that you need to install the good Antivirus program for Windows.

Step-II (Disable the Windows Automatic Updates

GO TO Control Panel—->View by —>Large icons—->Windows Update—->Change Settings—->Important Updates—->Never Check for Updates—->OK

Step-III (Disable Adobe Flash Player Updates)

GO TO Control Panel—->View by —>Large icons—->Flash Player—->Advanced—->Change Update Settings—->Select the Never Check for Updates

Step-IV (Disable Adobe Reader Updates)

Open Adobe Reader—->Edit—->Preferences—->Updater—->Select Do not download or install updates Automatically

Step-V (Disable Mozilla Firefox updates)

Open Mozilla Firefox—->Options—->Advanced—->Update—->Select Never Check for Updates—->OK

Step-VI (Disable Google Chrome Updates)

Right Click on MY Computer—->Manage—->Services and Applications—->Services—>Disable the Google Update Services—->Restart the Computer

Step-VII (Turn Off the Live Title off for Metro Apps for Windows 8.1 only)

Start Menu—->Right Click on Metro Apps—->Select Live Titles Off

That’s all for now.

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