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How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown on Windows 10

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock, Disconnect dial up connections on Windows 10 / 7 / 8.1. To schedule automatic shutdown is necessary when your computer busy with the scheduled task is running like downloading of file and most important. if your PC is busy with some scheduled tasks like Antivirus scanning , Downloading large files using some download managers and web browsers, etc. Most of the task are implicated during the usage of PC during night hours in night it is important to sleep in night if scheduled task is running on night to accomplish that tasks most important PC running these hours and scheduled automatic shutdown must takes place during night hours or any period of time during busy to free hours.

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown on Windows 10

Step-1 (Download the Software)

Download the Software from official sites.

Note: There are lots of programs for automated schedule shutdowns available for Free and Paid alternatives but this software is a freeware and very lightweight in resources as well as low size on bandwidth usages. It is so tiny hence this can be installed very easily to use on respective windows versions with the ease.

Step-2 (Install the Software)

The installing is too easy thanks to the easy friendly GUI for making the installation to much easy for installing with the low resources usages. The installation is very straight forward by hit on next button installation can be easily.

Step-3 (Schedule Automatic Shutdown)

After downloading you must execute the applications. the icon is shown in the Notification area icon area in task bar.of windows operating system.

For Automatic Schedule Shutdown / Restart / Sleep / Logoff / Sleep / Hibernate / Lock

From Notification Icon Area from task bar —-> Right click on Shutdown Icon —-> Select Shutdown / Restart / Sleep / Logoff / Sleep / Hibernate / Lock —-> Finally select the scheduled interval of time and rules.

For Automatic Schedule Close / disconnect dial up connection and VPN (Virtual Private Network)

From Notification Icon Area from task bar —-> Right click on Shutdown Icon —-> Select Close dial up (VPN) —-> Finally select the scheduled interval of time and rules.

Final results

Now you have completed the automatic schedule of shutdown of Windows PC with required the usages of time within the time periods and rules. For any issues and other help you may use the comment section below for more info.


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