Rocket is the managed WordPress hosting provider. The managed WordPress hosting means peace of mind solutions. Your WordPress website and it is managed by the hosting provider. The Rocket platform is developed by Aaron and Ben. They are the professionals and working from last two decades in web hosting industry.

Today we will review about Rocket managed WordPress hosting. Rocket platform includes top notch security and performance based services. Rocket Platform UI is very easy. So, non technical person can use it without any type of training.

Hosting Features

First of all the most advanced features are included with the Rocket managed WordPress hosting plan are CDN, WAF, Enterprise grade DNS and security, SSD Storage, Super-fast Edge Services, etc. All of these things are bundled with the hosting plan so you don’t have to worry to buy these services separately.

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Technical Support

The Rocket have friendly technical support team which is available for you 24×7. If you need technical support the team help and assist you as soon as possible. The website migration is provided to you at free of cost. You will be peace of mind because it will done without having any downtime during migration process. The migration process will done smoothly and perfectly without any pain.

Rocket performance Test:

Finally After doing the migration we have done real time tests. So, We have tested the Rocket managed WordPress hosting on our website this includes various test conducted separately.

1. Time to First Byte (TTFB)  Test

We have conducted the Time to First Byte (TTFB)  Test from various 10 locations around the world.

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After checking the result of the performance test we know that the Rocket managed WordPress hosting is the world’s fastest Managed WordPress TTFB hosting.

2. Load Test

Conducting real time users test by maintaining client load up to 1000 users per minute.

Means the Rocket managed WordPress hosting can handle large number of traffic so effectively.

3. Page-speed Test

Firstly, we have checked the performance of our website. For that we required to do the Page-speed test using web tool.

Once After seeing the results of our WordPress website. It is fully loaded within 2.15 seconds that is the great load time. The performance of WordPress website is very good. So it is worth to host the WordPress website on Rocket managed WordPress hosting.


The List of Pros are given below:

  • Easy UI Dashboard
  • Integrated CDN for High Performance
  • Offering 24×7 Dedicated Technical Support
  • Free Migration Without Having Downtime
  • Cost Friendly
  • Peace of Mind Security
  • Fastest Time to First Byte (TTFB) Response
  • Integrated WAF for Tight Security
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The List of Cons are given below:

  • This service is only works with WordPress. If you are planning to use any other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc. You have to be wait for availability.

Final Conclusion

The Rocket is the managed WordPress hosting provider known for quality hosting services. The Rocket provides various services like Content Delivery Network, Web Application Firewall, Enterprise Grade Security, persistent SSD storage and Super fast DNS service in their hosting plan. We recommend you to try the Rocket managed WordPress hosting.