When the root password is forgotten it so vital that you need to recover it without reinstalling the RHEL and CentOS . During the recovery process you won’t able to access any documentation so it is recommended to write this commands separately on a piece of paper so that recovery process will complete successfully.
The steps are given below to recover the root password on RHEL and CentOS :

  1. Select the Linux Kernel
  2. Edit the Linux kernel Parameters
  3. Recover the root password
  4. Auto Label the SELinux context to /etc/passwd file
  5. Boot with the graphical user interface target

Step-1 : Select the Linux Kernel

Press up and down key simultaneously so that you will access the GNU-GRUB2 menu. From the first option hit E to edit the first grub menu.

Step-2 : Edit the Linux kernel Parameters

After editing the GNU-GRUB2 menu find the lines started with linux16 and hit End button to go to the last line and add rd.break to it.
After add these lines hit Ctrl + X to boot.

Step-3 : Recover the root password

First mount the /sysroot directory

# mount -o rw,remount /sysroot

Then Change the root directory to /sysroot

# chroot /sysroot

After that change the root password and you will be prompted to add the new password make sure it is strong.

# passwd root

Step-4 : Auto Label the SELinux context to /etc/passwd file

Finally after running the passwd command the Linux need to be set the new password by relabeling to the /etc/passwd file and it is necessary for running with correct SELinux context.

# touch /.autorelabel

It takes several minutes depending on your system CPU and Hard Drive speed.

Step-5 : Boot with the graphical user interface target

It is vital to run the Linux distribution with the graphical user interface by using the graphical.target.

# systemctl set-default graphical.target

When done type two times exit and exit command to exit from chroot jail and to reboot the system.

That’s all for now.


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