Many of our friends / partner are frequently facing many problems relating about there computer or sometimes we face problems related to our computer and we want to get help from them or want to help them even though we are very far from them. So here’s the best solution for such tech difficulties that you face in your windows 10 so that you can help them or we can get help from them by following some simple steps:


  • Good working Internet connection.
  • TeamViewers up to date version.
Step 1

First you and your partner need to download TeamViewers latest version.

Step 2

Now you and your partner need to install this downloaded TeamViewer software.
install 1

Note: For installing this software on your computer you must select the option of basic installation and personal / non-commercial use and then click on accept and finish.

Step 3

After completing the installation a TeamViewer window will open and now just wait for some time to get connected with the VPN (Virtual Private Network).
install 2

Step 4

After getting connected to TeamViewers VPN you and your partner both will get a user ID and Password.

Step 5

Now, you have to share this user ID and Password with your partner through a voice call or email or any other communicating network or device.  The person who want to access the computer must enter the user ID of the other partner to access his computer.
partner ID

Step 6

Once you enter your partners ID Teamviewer will connect it to your partner and it will ask you your partners password. Just enter your partners Id to access his computer or to transfer file.

Step 7

Once password is authenticated your partners computer window will open up and now you can access his computer.
Also you can transfer the files with the connected partners by using the secured VPN in TeamViewer software.
While using this software you can also chat with you connected partner chat window of the TeanViewer and also you can use microphone or you can have a video chat with your partner. Also TeamViewer can run on other operating systems like MAC, Andriod, LINUX, etc.

That’s all for now.

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