Windows 10 is the OS where most of the software’s are purely dependent on Internet in order to operate successfully. Windows 10 required unlimited bandwidth in order to run smoothly. If you have limited data plan then windows 10 make you to pay extra money on extra internet data usages. In order to sort out this issue we have an tutorial based on this issues. You need to follow the complete article to permanent solving of this issues.

Step-1 (Turn ON the Metered Connections)

Go to Settings —-> System —-> Offline Maps —-> Turn ON the metered Connection.
Go to Settings —-> Devices —-> Printers & scanners —-> Turn ON the metered Connection.
Go to Settings —-> Devices —-> Connected devices —-> Turn ON the metered Connection.

Step-2 (Turn off the Map Updates)

Go to Settings —-> System —-> Offline Maps —-> Turn OFF the Map Updates.

Step-3 (Turn off the Windows 10 Automatic Updates)

More information on this: How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Background Updates
After that Go to Settings —-> Update and Security —-> Windows Update —-> Advanced Options.
Choose how updates are installed to Notify to schedule restart —-> Hit on Choose how updates are delivered.
Turn OFF the Updates from more than one place.
And more on Disable / Turn off the Automatic Windows 10 Updates.

Step-4 (Turn Off the Windows Defender Automatic Sample submission)

Go to Settings —-> Update and Security —-> Windows Defender —-> Turn OFF the Automatic sample submission.

Step-5 (Turn off the Flash Player Updates)

Go to Cortana Search type control panel to start Control Panel
Open Control Panel —-> View by : Large Icons
Go to Flash Player —-> Flash player settings go to Updates tab —-> Select Never check for updates .

Step-6 (Turn off Internet Explorer 11 updates)

Go to Cortana Search type Internet to start Internet Explorer
From Settings go to About Internet Explorer
Uncheck the check box in front of the Install new version Automatically.
When all done then follow the tutorial Perform Monitor data usages on Windows 10.

That’s all for now.

How to Disable Automatic Background Updates on Windows 10

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