How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10. Files are the most vital element of any digital storage media. When files are lost due to some reasons and we don’t have any backup media to recover it then most important part is to recover those files from the digital storage media. Windows 10 is the operating system that covers all your security and performance related features but unable to recover those permanently deleted files and not possible due to unavailability of deleted file recovery feature in Windows 10. This tutorial explains you to in secure way how to recover those deleted files for free. It is recommended to follow all the steps in this guide to fully recover those deleted files.

Step-1: Download and install the free data recovery software

First step is to download the free data recovery software and install it. Installation is very straight forward and you need to follow the instruction and move forward till installation will complete successfully.

Step-2: Select the location where files has been deleted

After installation has been completed now run the software. When it is fully opened select the hard drive partition or digital storage media to recover those deleted files from the media.

After selecting the correct storage media and you need to hit on Scan to scan these deleted files and it will be available for recovery at later stage.

Step-3: Select the deleted files that you want to recover

After successful scanning of deleted files and select the deleted files that you want to recover and finally hit on Recover to recover those selected files at your desired location.

When it is successfully recovered it shows the recovery completed dialog box.

Step-4: Save the session to continue with the last scan state

If you want to restore the scan status that has been previously scanned and to continue with the last scan state of deleted files then it is recommended to save the session. For that simply hit on Save to save the current scan status.

When all done now hit on close button to exit from software.

Final Words

Congratulations, now you have recovered your deleted files using free data recovery software. It is the secure way to recover your deleted files from any digital storage media. If you have any questions or queries in your mind then fell free to use the comment section below.

Reference: learn more about recover deleted files.