In our childhood days. We love to play the video games on the console. On those days we donot know the name of that console those are china made. Later we have know that it is Nintendo Console. It supported Nintendo 8-bits games found in the form of cartage now it is found in the format of *.nes file format as a Game ROM files. There is lot of Emulators are find in the market that provides best in class support for the Nintendo Games.Best Emulator for Nintendo Games is Nestopia.

Introduction of Nestopia Emulator

Nestopia is an open source emulator licensed under GNU open source license. Basically it is developed using the C++ object oriented programing language. Provides the perfect emulation for NES or Famicom systems. Supported major operating system platforms including the Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Which provides best in class compatibility around the all playable Nintendo 8-bit Video Games.

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Features of Nestopia Emulator

  • Easy GUI Interfaces
  • Fast Emulation
  • Good Sound and Picture Output
  • Large number of NES/Famicom ROM supported
  • Creating the saving of games during the games playing.
  • And many more invented during usages of emulator

Nestopia Emulator Recommends following System Requirements

  • Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium 4 or same AMD
  • Video Card (GPU): On-board grapics card or Nvidea / AMD / ATI GPU
  • Sound Card : On-board sound card that supports the Direct Sound
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10
  • Software: Microsoft Direct X 9

Installation and Configuration of Nestopia Emulator

Step-I (Download the Nestopia Package from official website)

First of all Download the Latest Nestopia from official website.

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Step-II (Extract the downloaded packages)

Then Extract the Downloaded Packages at your desired locations by using the winrar.

Step-III (Run the Emulator from the desired location)
Step-IV (Setting of Video)

After that Goto Options---->Video
So Set the settings according to the image shown in below

Step-V (Setting of Audio)

Again Goto Options---->Audio
Secondly Set the settings according to the image shown in below

Step-VI (Setting of Controller Input)

After that Goto Options---->Input
Then Set the settings according to the image shown in below

Step-VII : Play Nintendo 8-bit Video Games on Nestopia Emulator

Finally Goto File---->Open---->Open Your NES / Famicon ROM file
As soon as After that Play a NES games according to your choices
Lastly, In demo We have played the Adventure Island 4
nes games playing

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Congratulations now you have learned how to play Nitendo games in Windows 10.