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How to Mount NTFS File System on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

NTFS (New Technology File System) is the file system. Microsoft corporation has developed . NTFS is the default filesystem in Windows. Microsoft is developed this file system for windows. Later by using packages the Linux distribution supported the NTFS file system. After installing the required packages you will easily access the NTFS filesystem in your favorite file manager on Enterprise Linux. This tutorial follows step by step instructions.

For Online Repository Only

First of all For those who have active internet connection working effectively with this method.

Step-1 (Enable EPEL Repository)

Firstly The Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux is repository for Enterprise Linux. It contains all packages that are present in fedora. EPEL provides direct experience for latest packages.

 rpm -ivh epel-release-latest-8.noarch.rpm

Then you can install using the simple command

 dnf install epel-release
 dnf clean all
 dnf update
Step-2 (Install NTFS-3G packages for enabling support for NTFS file system)

After that installing the EPEL repository. You can install the NTFS3G packages directly on EL.

 yum install ntfs-3g -y
Step-3 (Enable NTFS support for file managers)

Secondly you will enable support for NTFS.

 yum install ntfsprogs -y

Check for NTFS File System support

After that Open any Graphical File Manager and check for NTFS file system support.

For Offline Repository Only

Secondly For Those who have Limited internet connection and to avoid the package dependency when interaction of online repository with offline one.

Step-1 (Download the NTFS-3g and Ntfsprogs packages)

finally download all the required packages.

Step-2 (Install the NTFS-3g Packages)

After that Install all the packages for supporting the NTFS file system.

 rpm -ivh ntfs-3g*.rpm
Step-3 (Install the NTFSprogs packages)
 rpm -ivh ntfsprogs*.rpm

Check for NTFS File system support

Open any Graphical File Manager and check for NTFS file system support.

Congratulations now you have mounted the NTFS file system on Enterprise Linux.