VestaCP is a web control panel with open open source standards suitable for web hosting purpose. It has lots of feature that makes it more secure and it using the advanced technologies. It is a very lightweight web hosting control panel running smoothly with low system specifications. It having easier control  that makes tasks more easier than ever by using its innovative GUI. It makes sysadmin tasks more easier from creating Database to Website and Email management at a single place. This guide explain you how to install VestaCP on respective Linux Distribution with ease.

Installing Prerequisites

For Ubuntu  / Debian
# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade
For CentOS  / RHEL
# yum update && yum upgrade

Installing VestaCP

Step-1 (Download the VestaCP Installation Scripts)
# wget https://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh
Step-2 (Install the VestaCP using bash scripts)
For Default Installtion
# bash vst-install.sh
For Custom installation

For a Advanced installation script should be

Step-3 (Continue the Install by typing yes)

Step-4 (Enter Email Address to continue)

Step-5 (Enter the host-name)

Step-6 (Congratulation now you have installed the VestaCP)

Now open the given URL from Internet browser https://FQDN-or-IP-address:8083

Step-7 (Access the VestaCP by typing the credentials)

Step-8 (After that you will see the VestaCP dashboard)

Now add your application to continue…

That’s all for now.

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