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How to Install Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu / AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

VestaCP is a web control panel with open open source standards suitable for web hosting purpose. Lots of feature that makes it more secure and it using the advanced technologies. The lightweight web hosting control panel running smoothly with low system specifications. Easier controlĀ  that makes tasks more easier than ever by using its innovative GUI. Sysadmin tasks more easier from creating Database to Website and Email management at a single place.

Step-1 (Access to your VPS using Putty SSH client)

You can easily access your VPS using putty SSH client.

For Alma / Rocky / Amazon Linux

 yum clean all && yum update && yum upgrade

For UbuntuĀ  / Debian

 apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

Step-2 (Download and Run the Vesta CP installation)

You can easily download the Vesta CP installation script using given commands


After downloading try to install those scripts using commands

 bash --force

Also you can customize your installation by using Advanced installation setting from Vesta CP official website.

After running the script type y to continue

Next you need to enter your email and host-name to continue the setup and you have to wait for couple of minutes to complete the installation.

When it completes it shows you congratulation and provides login info.

Step-3 (Access to Vesta CP control panel)

Now type your server IP address on your browser like
It shows you warning you need to ignore this warning

Add those to errors to exception list

Now login to your Vesta CP

After successful login It shows you Vesta CP control panel

Step-4 (Create the database for WordPress)

From top hit on DB to access the database menu and hit on ADD DATABASE.

Add all the important details as shown as given below.

After successfully creation of database you’ll find the given info and finally you are ready to access the phpMyAdmin panel.

Step-5 (Download the Latest WordPress and configure it)

Now download the WordPress from official WordPress website. After downloading extract those files on your local storage.
Now go to wordpress folder and rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.
Now edit the wp-config.php file and then add database info.

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
 define('DB_NAME', 'admin_techbrown');
/** MySQL database username */
 define('DB_USER', 'admin_techbrown');
/** MySQL database password */
 define('DB_PASSWORD', 'techbrown');

When all done save the file.

Step-6 (Upload the WordPress files to your VPS server)

Now download the FileZilla FTP client from official website. and install it
You need to a run a Filezilla FTP client and type your server IP address in HOST column with your credentials.
After that go to the location from your server /web/ and remove all the default files.

Now go to local wordpress directory to upload it directly to your VPS server

When all done you will see all files are uploaded on your server.

Step-7 (Install the WordPress from your Web Browser)

Now type your server IP address or FQDN on browser to install the WordPress.
Now select the default language for WordPress installations.

Provide all required information to continue the WordPress installation.

After that you will see the success info on your web browser.

Now login to your WordPress admin panel

After successful login you will finally see the WordPress Admin Panel.

You can also configure your WordPress website using admin panel and you are all set to configure your website at next level.

Congratulations now you have installed Vesta CP on Enterprise Linux.