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How to Install Oracle VM Virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04

When cross platform usage of the single Operating system its time to call the Virtual Machines Present in the markets. Oracle Virtual machine is the one of that Virtual Machine manager Named as Oracle VM Virtual Box. In this Tutorial has been Deal with the installation and configuration of Linux Virtual Environment with the help of Oracle VM Virtual Box install & Run Windows applications.

Installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Step-I (Download the Packages)
On 32 Bit
# wget -c ""
On 64 bit
# wget -c ""
Step-II (Run the Scripts)
On 32 Bit
# sh
On 64 Bit
# sh
Step-III ( Staring of Oracle VM VirtualBox)
Go To System Menu or Hit the Super Button and find it For Direct Starting of Oracle VM VirtualBox
Run Windows on Oracle VM VirtualBox for LinuxMint Ubuntu , Fedora/Korora , PearOS , RHEL/CentOS/Scientific/Oracle Linux

Step-I(Starting Of Oracle VM VirtualBox and Hit New for Creating Virtual Machine)

Step-II(Provide Name and Select Operating System)


Step-III(Add virtual Hard drive)


Step-IV(Select Amount of Memory Size)


Step-V(Select Hard Drive File Type)


Step-VI(Choose storage on physical hard drive)


Step-VII(Select file location and size)


Step-VIII(Starting of Virtual Windows OS)


Final Result

That`s all now, you have Installed Oracle VM VirtualBox on Linux Distributions.You’re now ready to use the Oracle VM VirtualBox on your systems. Just Boot to the Linux Distributions and see the action of the Oracle VM VirtualBox. Ensure that the Oracle VM VirtualBox is integrate perfectly with the Linux systems.Enjoy and run Windows Operating System on your Linux Systems. Any difficulties regarding the installation and configuration use the comment section below.


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