To Execute any assembly language program (ALP) on Windows 10. We required five standard programs. These programs will help programmers in feeding , assembling , linking , loading and executing the user microprocessor or micro-controller program , so these programs are called Software Development Tools that is  TASM & MASM . In Windows these Software tools are Known as TASM & MASM for Windows OS.

What is a Microprocessor?

Microprocessor is nothing but a CPU or Processor on a Microchip or ICs.

What is Micro-controller?

Micro-controller is nothing but a on-chip Microcomputer.

What are Best Microprocessor and Micro-controller Assemblers for Windows 10?

Two types are given below:

  1.  TASM (Turbo Assembler)
  2. MASM (Microsoft Assembler)

Each TASM & MASM Contains Five Programs

Five programs are given below:

  1. Editor
  2. Assembler
  3. Linker
  4. Loader/Locator
  5. Debugger
1. Editor

Firstly Editor is a program, which will help the programmer to input ALP using Keyboard. All the character of ALP are stored in memory in the form of ASCII codes.This file of ALP generated is called as source file. The extension of source file should be .ASM i.e. Assembly Language Program. Editor will also help to save this source file into secondary memory like disc.

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2. Assembler

First of all Assembler will read ALP from source file and it performs two steps:

  1. It will translate all the instructions from assembly language to hexadecimal number or binary number (machine Language)
  2. Assembler will allot effective address (EA) to each byte of Instruction code or Data.

Secondly Assembler will output two files:

  1. List File (xyz.lst)
  2. Object File (xyz.obj)
3. Linker

After that the linker is a Program, which will connect different small modules of programs to form one large program. This will remove memory fragment by readjusting the effective address allotted to different modules by the assembler.

4. Loader

Then the Loader is a program, which will physically load machine language program. It will allot base address to each memory segment, hence each byte of instruction code or data will get physical address.

5. Debugger

Finally Debugger is a program, which will help to execute the machine language program loaded into memory.
The program can be executed by three methods:

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  1. Free Run Operation
  2. Single Stepping Mode
  3. Break Point Technique

Download of TASM & MASM Assemblers

  • For TASM (Turbo Assembler)
  • For MASM (Microsoft Assembler)

Installation of TASM (Turbo Assembler) on Windows 10

Firstly we need to proceed with

Step-I (Extract the Downloaded archive using WinRAR)

After that

Step-II (After Extracting run the Setup.exe)

As soon as

Step-III (Welcome Screen of Setup click on next to continue the setup)


Before proceeding

Step-IV (Select Installation folder then click on next button)

After that

Step-V (Confirm Installation by clicking next button)


Step-VI (Installing Process has been continuing)


Step-VII (Installation has Completed click on close button to exit)


Step-VIII (Start the GUI Turbo Assembler from Desktop and accept the license agreement)


Step-IX (Starting of GUI Turbo Assembler)


Installation of MASM (Microsoft Assembler) on Windows 10

First of all

Step-I (Extract the Downloaded archive using WinRAR)


Step-II (After Extracting run the Install.exe)


Step-III (Welcome Screen of Setup click on Install to continue the setup)


Step-IV (Select Installation Partition)


Step-V (MASM32 SDK Install and click OK button to continue)

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Step-VI (Disk Write Test and click OK button to continue)


Step-VII (Disk Read Test and click OK button to continue)


Step-VIII (Execution of Test Executable and click OK button to continue)


Step-IX (Disk Delete Test and click OK button to continue)


Step-X (Install MASM32 by Clicking extract to continue install)


Step-XI (Extraction of installation files is processing)

Step-XII (Build Libraries and click OK button to continue)

Step-XIII (Assembling Libraries Files)


Step-XIV (Assembling Libraries Test Files)


Step-XV ( Installation Success press any key to continue)


Step-XVI (Import Library Test and click OK button to continue)


Step-XVII (Static Library Test and click OK button to continue)


Step-XVIII (Install Icon Script and click yes to continue)


Step-XIX (Installation is completed and click OK button to continue)


Step-XX (Final run of MASM32 Editor)


Note: The MASM & TASM Assemblers are Fully Compatible with 32-bit Systems but Partially Compatible with 64-bit systems. For Full Features and support install with 32-bit versions of Windows systems

Congratulations now you have installed the Assembler IDE on Windows 10.