How to download and install the Ace Stream Player on Linux and Windows operating System including Ubuntu , Linux Mint, etc. Ace stream player is the one of the greatest choice for stream and watch the videos online instantly without downloading them to the computer. While watching movies online most of the file sharing provides downloads to watch the movies . Now the Ace stream player online without any wait for download. This software saves the time and watch instantly movies online without waiting in a ques for download and watch the movies after completing the downloads.

Ace Stream for Linux and Windows

Ace Steam player is an open source player based on fork of VLC media player. All media functions of VLC media player are functionally increased on Ace Stream Player. It uses all types of media steaming protocol stacks. The source code of ace stream player is available in Bit-bucket repository contains all type of source codes available on the internet can be freely downloaded and installed on the respective Linux distributions as well as on Windows Operating System.

Installing Ace Steam player on Windows

Step-1 (Download the Ace Stream Player Packages)

Ace Steam player based on Latest VLC media Player
Ace Steam player based on Old VLC media Player

Step-2 (Install the Ace Stream Player)

The Installation is as simple like VLC media player. Most of the users are mostly installed the world most famous media player VLC media player it is as simple any small kid can install it.

Note: Close the Web Browser during installation process of Ace stream player.

Installing Ace stream player on all Linux Distributions

Install and update all the dependencies before proceeding and compiled the ace stream player.
Install all required build tools including libtool, build-essential, pkg-config, autoconf, etc.

Step-1 (Clone the Github Repo)
# git clone
Step-2 (Change the directory)
# cd acestream-player/
Step-3 (Run the installation Scripts)
# ./
# ./
# cd build-ace/
Step-4 (Compile and install the scripts)
# make
# make install

Installing Ace stream player on Ubuntu and all its derivative like Linux Mint , etc.

Step-1 (Add the Ace Stream Repository to the apt-get)
# vi /etc/apt/sources.list

hit on i button from keyboard
at last line add the following lines
the give line is for Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) only

deb trusty main

Finally type the following commands on terminal after adding these lines
to save and exit forcefully type the :wq!

Step-2 (Add Ace Stream public keys to apt-get)
# wget
# apt-key add acestream.public.key
Step-3 (Installation of Ace Stream Software)
# apt-get clean all
# apt-get upgrade
# apt-get install acestream-full
Step-4 (Starting of Ace Steam)

Hit the super button and search for ace stream .
You will find it and finally started the Ace Stream Software’s.

Final Words

Ace Stream Software is the one of the best tools for the Web media and build with the open source standards. That makes customized according to the customized versions of Ace streams and can be installed on the respective Linux and Windows Operating Systems. For support and other information use the comment section below.