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About TechBrown

TechBrown is a sysadmin blog since 2014 and it is developed by sysadmins. It has a lot of guides, tutorials and resources based on dedicated topics like Linux and Windows OS. It has list of unique articles that is the output of long term research on a dedicated topics and most important thing it is free to access and more useful for loyal readers.

Guest Post Rules:
  1. Who can send us: Anyone can send us guides who knows Linux or Windows OS.
  2. Criterion: It must be unique guides based on Linux and Windows OS only.
  3. Mode of payment: Currently we are supported only PayPal as a payment method.
Guest Post Compensation:

We will provide compensation based on length and quality of guide:

  1. 500 words guide will get $5
  2. 1000 words guide will get $10
  3. 1500 words guide will get $15
  4. 2000 words guide will get $20
  5. Most unique guide will get $50 based on quality of guide

Send your complete details and guide samples to for more info.