The  windows 10 is equipped with performance and power but this performance required the certain amount of compatible hardware’s that works good with the windows 10. Windows 10 has lots of issues and errors. most of the issues related with the drivers. The Dim Display Screen and dull display is the most common error occurred after successfully installation for the windows 10.

This issue occurs when all type of the drivers must be installed and this dim display error occurs due to mainly. This issue occurs due to powers issues and power plan. This tutorial explains how to rectify the dim screen error on the windows 10. This tutorial provides step by step methods that is easy to implement for fixing this type of issues in windows 10.

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Step-1 (Install the compatible DISPLAY and VIDEO card drivers)

You must install the Windows 10 compatible DISPLAY and VIDEO card drivers from your hardware providers.

Note: If you have incompatible windows 10 hardware then stop here and buy some now Windows 10 compatible hardware for further fixing this issues.

Step-2 (Run Troubleshooting from the control panel)

Open Cortana Search and type the Troubleshooting to and finally hit on the Troubleshooting to open the Troubleshooting from the control panel.

Step-3 (Open the Troubleshooting panel)

Open the Troubleshooting panel after that hit on View all button.

Step-4 (Power Troubleshooting panel)

Select power from the Troubleshooting panel

Step-5 (Troubleshoot for the power issues)

After starting power troubleshoot window hit on the power troubleshooter for further fixing and inspections.

Step-6 (Open Command prompt with admin privileges)

Right click on start button after that hit on the Command Prompt (Admin)

Step-7 (Type the commands in CMD to restore the default stats)

Open the command prompt (admin)
After that type the given commands into the command prompt

powercfg –restoredefaultschemes

After that finally restart your PC to fix this issue.

Congratulations now you have fixed the dim and dull scree issue on Windows 10.