There are more than 40% websites that are uses the flash content for multimedia or other purposes. To view the flash content on the browser we need a special type of software’s like Adobe flash player to run the flash content on our regular internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome ,etc. When we install flash player on windows 8 after usage of some duration it shows the following error popup messages like ” Adobe Flash player 15.0 has stopped Working” after that your flash content couldn’t display properly. The Solution of this problem given in this tutorial. Each step of the tutorial can be easily followed by you.

How to Fix Adobe Flash Player Stopped Working Issue on Windows 8 ?

Step-1 (Check and update the Flash Player Version

Check the Flash player version and update it to the latest version

Step-2 (Fix the Problem)

When Flash player popup is appeared and it display “Adobe Flash player 15.0 has stopped Working” click on minimize to continue
After a small duration of time a browser popup says that the ” Warning : Unresponsive Plugin”. on that dilog box check the check box “Don`t ask me again” then finally click on the “Stop plugin” button.
That`s all each and every time this type of problems are created. you should repeat the step 2 properly for the fixation of the above error.