Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Google has been bringing a lot of new features. The Settings to Chrome desktop and Chrome mobile off lake. Which means there are a number of great Chrome settings. Not many people are aware. We want to show you some Chrome settings. You should change to really enhance your chrome experience.

1. Parallel Downloading

Let’s go to Chrome settings. The first up We are pretty sure you’ve all faced errors while downloading large files in Chrome. It is super annoying when there’s a setting in chrome. It does not necessarily fix this issue but it does accelerate downloads in Chrome. Now this setting is available in the chrome Flags page. Which is a page where you’ll find all the experimental features in chrome. You can access chrome flags by going to this address.

Now you are in the chrome Flags page. Just search for parallel downloading. Now enable it and relaunch Chrome. Now what this does it it allows school to create three parallel jobs to download a file. That’s accelerating the download speed.

We have noticed slightly faster downloading speeds after enabling this setting. Especially when downloading large files. So yeah this is a pretty handy setting. The great thing is parallel downloading is available for desktop and mobile so do enable it.

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2. DuckDuckGo Over Google

Privacy friendly search engine instead of Google in Chrome. There is a good news week with the chromium stable release. You not have the option to choose DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. Now just go to Chrome settings here. You will find the search engine option just change it to DuckDuckGo.

That’s it you can now search in chrome using DuckDuckGo. Which is great if you want privacy it does not track users. Does not save research results and prioritizes user privacy over everything now. It is not as good as Google but if you care about your privacy this can be a great option for you.

3. Shortcuts for Extensions

There are a lot of extensions on the Chrome Web Store. That really enhanced the chrome experience. You could access these extensions using a keyboard shortcut. You can all you need to do is first go to the extensions page. Go to keyboard shortcuts now. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your extensions. We can set a shortcut to easily access the VPN. A shortcut to use the download manager extension. Extension shortcuts is another setting.

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4. Chrome Duet

We all know that accessing the address bar the tabs button. The menu button from the top bar in chrome. In Mobile is so tough especially on big screen smartphones. Chrome has a new UI that you can enable that fixes all of these issues. So in chrome Flags just search for the chrome flag Chrome. Do it now just enable it now when you read launch Chrome. Make sure do it a couple of times.

You will see a new bar at the bottom which brings everything. You need there’s the home button share button. To quickly share a web page the search button. So you don’t need to access the address bar on the top the tabs button. To quickly switch between tabs. The three-dot menu button it’s just the better chrome interface and more user friendly and you should enable.

5. New Gestures

The touch-pad gestures to go back and forward the chrome bit on Windows 10. We have always wanted in Chrome mobile well as you must have guessed. You can now enable new gestures in Chrome. Just go to Chrome flags yes again and search for gesture navigation. Now just enable this flag called history navigation with gesture. Once that you can just swipe right from the center to go back. Swipe left to go forward these gestures are pretty intuitive.

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6. Functional Tab Switcher

Chrome has had different types such as there’s the usual tab switcher. There’s this horizontal tabs which are available to Chrome flags. If you want a more functional tab switcher. There is the accessibility tab switcher that was a lot of transition. So in chrome flights you can just search for accessibility tab switcher.

Enable it well this time such as you can see might not be the most appealing. It’s certainly very functional. If you have a number of tabs open you can see them all here. Switch between them you can’t do the same with the traditional app switcher. The new fancy horizontal tab switcher so yeah this is definitely more functional now.

Congratulations now you have some chrome settings that you should be changing right away to really enhance you experience.