Instagram is the most popular images and photos sharing sites. Facebook has acquired Instagram since 2012. The celebrities belonging to the various industries have their profile in the Instagram. Instagram is a image website. User are uploading images.

First of all The Instagram user has are increasing day by day due to large user base. Sometime it is necessary to download those images. Manually download don’t possible at that movement. it is better to have a plan where all the images can be downloaded using the tool. This tutorial explains and guide you as per requirement.

  1. One of the Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora,  CentOS and RHEL. The Linux Distribution must be installed on your PC. If not installed follow the installation instruction given below
  2. An Active Internet Connection
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Step-I (Installation of Python and GIT)

First of all For RHEL, Fedora, CentOS and all RPM based Linux Distributions

# yum install python-beautifulsoup4 python-pip python git

Secondly For Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian and all DEB based Linux Distributions

# apt-get install python-bs4 python-pip python git
Step-II (Installation of Selenium Drivers)

After that install the package using python package manager

# pip install selenium

Then To update the selenium drivers if already installed

# pip install -u selenium
Step-III (Clone the InstaRaider by using GIT)

Secondly run the git command to clone

# git clone
Step-IV (Download the Instagram Images and Photos using InstaRaider)

After that change the working directory

# cd InstaRaider

Then load the files using python

# python -u techbrown -c 15

Final Usage of this command


Lastly SAMPLE Output

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# python -u techbrown -c 15
techbrown has 76 photos on Instagram.
Loading Selenium WebDriver...
Loading Instagram profile...
Raiding Instagram...
Saving photos to ./Images/techbrown/
Photos saved so far:
0 ##############
Saved 15 images to ./Images/techbrown/

Lastly To load all Images Images Saved at ./Images/techbrown/

# cd /images/techbrown/
# ls

Congratulations now you have downloaded the Instagram full size image on Ubuntu and CentOS.