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About TechBrown

TechBrown is a sysadmin blog that is developed by sysadmin and has dedicated resources for Linux and Windows OS. Mainly it is a non profit blog only generates revenue from advertising only. We have been written a unique articles that is the output of long term research on a dedicated topics and most important thing it is free to access and more useful to our loyal readers.

What is the primary method to generate revenue?

Advertising the the primary method to generate the revenue for our blog. Most Important thing is most of the readers on our blog are using the adblocker to block ads. Blocking ads that is not the big issue it is the freedom of any internet users but we don’t want to block your freedom. That’s why we don’t use anti-adblocker to block your adblocker software or Web add-ons / extensions. We want to make this blog more accessible and highly available to our loyal readers so that they easily access our blog.

Where the generated revenue is spent?

  1. Buy new hardware and software: We use revenue to purchase new hardware and software resources to write the articles by doing research on them before it has been published on our blog.
  2. Web hosting and bandwidth bills: Our website uses highly available dedicated server resources so our loyal readers are access our website so fastly. It is easily accessible from mobile to PC web browser. We use fiber optic broadband to create and update new content so easily.
  3. CDN and DNS Hosting: Our website uses robust CDN and persistent DNS servers to achieve blazing speed.

Your donation helps us to make us even better by supporting our blog financially that help us to stay alive in future to provide you better services and support. You can send us donations in the form of couple of dollars or cent.

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