How to Disable Automatic Background Updates on Windows 10

How to disable Windows 10 Automatic Background Updates. Windows 10 is one of the best Operating System where all updates are set to be automatic. As a security point of view updates are necessary to being the OS error free and to provide the airtight security to user and most important updates makes the OS bug free. When user have limited Data / Internet plan as well as bandwidth and plan to use the whole data for personal use only finally not to plan the wastage of data usage for the Windows 10 updates for those users this tutorial is for you. Follow the all the steps without waiting for seconds for finally disabling the windows 10 automatic updates.

How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Background Updates?

Step-1 (Open Computer Management)

Right Click on My Computer Icon from desktop and hit on Manage


Right click on Start Icon and finally select the Computer Management


Step-2 (Open Service Manager)

Hit on Services and Applications


Finally hit on Services


Step-3 (Disable Windows Update Service)

Find the Windows Update service from list


Right click on Windows update service and finally hit on Properties and select the startup type to the Disabled and hit on OK button.


Step-4 (Disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

Find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service from list


Right click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service and finally hit on Properties and select the startup type to the Disabled and hit on OK button.


Step-5 (Turn on Metered connection)

From the settings turn on the Metered Connection to ON.


Step-6 (Reduce and Restrict Background Data Usage on Windows 10)

After initiating all the steps given in tutorial: How to Reduce and Restrict Background Data Usage on Windows 10 and When all done after that follow the tutorial Perform Monitor data usages on Windows 10. Finally restart the PC and after that check for Internet usage status.

Final Results

That’s all now all Windows 10 automatic background updates are permanently set to disabled after implementing the above steps. If you retrieve or face any errors during the usages of the tutorial guide please use the comment section below.

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