Windows 10 is a advanced operating system in which has lots of features are bundled with the operating system. Windows 10 operating system in purely based on full feature packed devices.  Windows 10 can work with any devices from PC to mobile. It packed with the Universal app features that works with any app resolutions. It is an responsive features that makes PC effective in to order to add more stability the Windows 10 adds the auto adaptive brightness features in the Windows 10 . It came in build with the windows 10. In some cases it won`t be used by the users in order to ease of use. the give tutorial provides step by step procedures to disable the auto adaptive brightness features on Windows 10 operating system.

Step-1 (Run Power Options from the control panel)

Open Cortana Search and type the power options to and finally hit on the Power Options to open the Power Options from the control panel.

Step-2 (Change Power options settings)

Hit on the radio button in front of the Balanced (recommended) after that hit on Change plan settings

Step-3 (Change Advanced Power settings)

After that finally hit on the Advanced Power settings for further settings

Step-4 (Disable Adaptive brightness from the Power Options)

After that hit on Display then hit on Enable adaptive brightness and finally turn off the On Battery and Plugin from settings and finally hit on OK button. Further restart your PC to make settings working for you.

That’s all for now.