How to Delete Downloaded Windows Update Files on Windows 10 , Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 . The Windows update is the great software utility provided by Microsoft to update the Windows Operating System. When Windows is updated then the updated windows update packages are downloaded on Windows OS in order to install it. The windows updates are going to install it also create the shadow copies of installation files when installation has done. When we delete those unwanted windows update packages we are freely reclaim our hard drive spaces by freeing its space and also it increases the Windows speed. This tutorial expands how you will reclaim the free space by removing those temporary windows updates files.

Step-1 (Run Windows Cleanup with Administrator privileges)

Step-2 (Windows has searching for unwanted files and you need to select all the options that is need to be deleted)

Step-3 (Hit OK in order to delete those unwanted files and reclaim your free space)

Step-4 (Wait some time depending your system speed and wait until cleanup process will be completed)

After that Restart your PC when all done

Step-6 (Remove unwanted files manually)

Go to My Computer and find the given location C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download then delete all the files and when all done then restart your PC in order to make new settings available to you.

Note: When you perform any new update installation using Windows update then Repeat from Step-1 to make your windows faster every time.


Finally, you have removed those unwanted windows update installation files using simple windows cleanup tool. In order to run your Windows PC at top notch speed. You need to follow all steps carefully in order to accomplish the tasks. When you use cleanup and your files are completely removed the your computer is running faster than ever. These steps also free up your disc space by doing these these simple steps. If you have any issues regarding installation steps you need to use the comment section below for more help and support.