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How to Create Mac OS X Bootable USB Pen Drive on Windows 10

How to Create Mac OS X Bootable USB Pen Drive with Windows 10 / 7. This tutorial is for Mac OS X El Capitan , yosemite , etc. that is based on Mac OS X versions and successfully working on Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10. The Mac OS X image is required in order to proceeding further steps (i.e. Mac OS X DMG / ISO files) and a USB Pen drive with minimum 8gb size is required.

How to Create Mac OS X Bootable USB Pen Drive with Windows?

Step-1 (Download the Latest Mac OS X image)

You can download the latest Mac OS X image from official apple store.

Step-2 ( Download the TransMac Software)

Download the TransMac Software from official websites.

Step-3 (Install the trail versions TransMac Software)


Step-4 (Open and Run the TransMac Application)


Step-5 (Format the USB Drive for Mac)

Select the USB Drive that you want to format for Mac and finally right click on it and hit on Format Disc for Mac.

Step-6 ( Create Bootable USB drive)

Select the USB Drive that you want to make it bootable and finally right click on it and hit on Restore with Disc Image.
Select the disc image to restore on usb drive finally hit on OK to continue.

Note: At this point please be patience this process requires 20 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer to complete the process.

Step-7 (Restart the computer to see the bootable pen drive)

Restart your computer make sure your PC BIOS is set to boot from USB pen drive for successfully booting from pen drive.

Final Words

Congratulation now you have created the USB drive bootable with Mac OS X images. Now the bootable pen drive is ready to install the images on your PC. If you have any queries regarding to this tutorial guides you can use the comment section below for more information and support.

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