After creating the bootable USB Drive of Windows 10 this method posses greater speed compared to the optical drive because USB drive is greater speed than Optical drives like DVD / CD / Blu-Ray drives. This tutorial shows how to make or create the bootable USB pen Drive on respective Windows PC with ease.

Pre Request Dependencies

  1. Need an USB Flash Pen at least 8 GB of space required.
  2. Need an Bootable ISO images of Windows 10 required.

How to Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows

Step-1 (Format your USB stick with NTFS File System Partition Scheme)

Right click on USB Stick that you want to format —> Select Format —-> Select File System as NTFS —-> Finally hit on Start .

Step-2 (Download and run Universal USB installer)

You can Download the Universal USB installer from Official Website and finally run that application.

Step-3 (Create Bootable USB Drive)


For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 only

Select Windows 10 Installer —-> Select Windows 10 ISO images —–> Check the box Show all drives —–> Select USB stick —-> Finally hit on Create.

For Windows 7 only

Select Windows 7 Installer —-> Select Windows 7 ISO images —–> Check the box Show all drives —–> Select USB stick —-> Finally hit on Create.

Note: Please wait during creation of Bootable USB drives in that process the contents of ISO images are extracted to the USB pen drive it requires time depending on Speed of your computer and USB stick so please be patience during this whole process.

Step-4 (Setup your USB drive to Primary boot device in boot sequence in BIOS)

In BIOS menu or setup the default boot devices to the USB pen drive by accessing the BIOS menu by hitting Esc , F2 , F12 , or depending on your BIOS manufacturer. Finally boot using Bootable Windows USB Pen drive.

That’s all for now.

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