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How to Configure Apache Tomcat Server on CentOS 7

How to Install and setup the Apache Tomcat Server on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 / SL 7 / OL 7. The Apache Tomcat is a Web server that is used for to deploy the Java based web applications. The Tomcat is a web server that is developed by the Apache foundation hence it is called as Apache Tomcat. This tutorial shows how to install Apache Tomcat on respective Enterprise Linux with ease. You need to follow all the steps regarding to the step by step methods.

How to Setup Apache Tomcat Server on EL 7

Step-1 (Install Apache Web Server)

How to install Apache Web Sever on EL7 is shown n the given tutorial.

Step-2 (Install Tomcat using YUM command)
[root@techbrown ~]# yum install tomcat*
Step-3 (Start the Tomcat Services)
[root@techbrown ~]# systemctl start tomcat
Step-4 (Automatically start the Tomcat services at every boot)
[root@techbrown ~]# systemctl enable tomcat
Step-5 (Add the Tomcat Admin user)
[root@techbrown ~]# vim /usr/share/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml
Add the given lines to this file
<user username="techbrown" password="" roles="admin-gui,manager-gui"/>
Step-6 (Restart the Tomcat Services)
[root@techbrown ~]# systemctl restart tomcat
Step-7 (Check whether the Tomcat is working or not)

Open Web Browser and check the given URL on your Apache Tomcat server
If it shows above page then it is working successfully otherwise check the steps carefully.

Step-8 (Check the Tomcat Server Status)

Open Web Browser and check the given URL on your Apache Tomcat server

Authenticate with username and password


After that the Tomcat Server Status is shown shown in Web Browser


Step-9 (Check the Tomcat Web Application Manager)

Open Web Browser and check the given URL on your Apache Tomcat server

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After that the Tomcat Web Application Manager is shown in Web Browser


Step-10 (Deploy the Java Based Web Application using Apache Tomcat)

Open Web Browser and check the given URL on your Apache Tomcat server

After that the Deploy the Java Based Web Applications using Apache Tomcat.


Final Words

Congratulations now you have setup the Apache Tomcat Server on enterprise Linux 7 successfully. if you have any issues regarding this topic you need to use the comment section below.


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