Change Search Engine to Google on LinuxMint Firefox

LinuxMint is one of the best Linux Distribution that provides great cinnamon Desktop Environment. It provides some out of box features as well as applications including some basic apps like VLC Media Player, Mozilla firefox, etc. Out of that mozilla Firefox plays an important role while browsing the internet. When we browse the internet the Google Search Engine plays the important role while surfing the world of internet. But unfortunately the Mozilla Firefox came with the linux Mint that doen’t came with default search engine as Google.

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According to the Linux Mint that Google Search Engine doesn’t provides funds hence it doesn’t include it according to the resources.

Linux Mint Does not allow google serch engine on mozilla firefox

Linux Mint contains following Search engines in default versions
  • Yahoo
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ixquick
  • Startpage
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia

search engines in linux mint

Linux Mint Provides reason for not including the commertial versions of serch engines on mozilla firefox according to the resources.

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How to Change the Search Engine to Google on LinuxMint Firefox.

Step-1 ( Make Google as a Default Search Engines Addons)

The Addon for Google SE and hit on Add to firefox Button.

Google Default Search Engines

Make Google as a Default Search Engine addon page looks like this.

Step-2 (Make Google Default Search Engines)

After opening check the box Make this the current search engines and hit on Add Button.

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Add Default Search engine dialog

Step-3 (Restart the mozilla firefox browser to confirm the changes)

After restarting the mozilla browser the adress bar and serch bar looks like this.

Search Bar

Final Words

Congratulations now you have sucessfully integrated the default search engine as Google. For support on this procedures and help use the comment section below.

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