The Best Ad blocker list is very long rather to select which one is best for Windows OS. Advertisement is the re-owned way for generating revenue for websites admins. Due to this most of the website owner display ads for generating the revenue came from the ads. Most of the websites owner used the legitimate ads. Some of them provides the dangerous malicious ads to download the malware on their target PC. Due to ads most of internet data is consumed by the ads on ads enabled websites. Due to use of the ad blocker the ads are filtered by the apps provided in the windows platforms.

The Best Free Ad Blocker Software

  1. Ad Muncher
  2. AdBlock Master

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher
Ad Muncher is the best tool for Ads blocking utility working on all major Web browsers. It is the one of the old utility developed by the developed by the Ad Muncher developers. Providing the installer of Ad Muncher provides very small tiny installer packages less than 600kb in size. Provided that it is depend on the filter present on that by using that it provides major ads filtering using some tools present in that utility. Previously Ad Muncher is the Paid tools due to major part of revenue are generated from this tools. As a part of that after 15 years the Ad Muncher Developer decided to provide the Ad Muncher at Free of Cost. It works on each and every windows versions later from windows 95 to latest windows 10 OS. It has some powerful feature and light in weigt makes it best in class ad blocking utility.

AdBlock Master

AdBlock Master is an ad blocking tool developed by Major Share. It is build according to the block online advertisement as well as popups. It also protect from online anonymity by removing the cookies from the major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome and Microsoft internet Explorer. Major features the large filter based database line ad block plus addons and extensions that is famous in Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is a Freeware hence provided as a free of cost on official websites.

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