WordPress installations is the most easy installations during the present period of time. Thanks to GITHUB user webpraktikos that is provides the script to install WordPress very easy providing script named as WP-Install on GITHUB. Thanks to Linus Torvalds for making such a great GITHUB websites for supporting and developing the innovative open source technologies.

Step-I (Installation of LAMP Packages)
# apt install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server php5-mysql php5-mysqlnd curl
Step-II (Setup the MySQL Credentials)
Setup the MySQL credentials during the LAMP installations

2 configuring Mysql server root repeat password

Step-II (Restart the Apache and MySQL services)
# systemctl apache2 restart
# systemctl mysql restart

Install WordPress Using Scripts on Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint

Step-I (Change the Directory)
# cd /var/www/html
Step-II (Download the Scripts)
# curl -L -o 'wp-install.sh' https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WebPraktikos/wp-install/master/wp-install.sh
Step-III (Run the Scripts)
# bash wp-install.sh
Sample Output

Note: Replace techbrown with your desired credentials.

WordPress database name: techbrown
WordPress database user: techbrown
WordPress database password:
Install WordPress? [Y/n] y
Create a NEW database with entered info? [Y/n] y
Enter password for the MySQL root account:
CREATE USER techbrown@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'techbrown'
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON techbrown.* TO techbrown@localhost
Now, go to your WordPress site to finish installation!
Step-IV (Check your IP)
# ifconfig
Step-V (Open your Web Browser (Firefox) to setup your WordPress Websites)
3 WordPress Installation Credential Setup

4 WordPress Credential Status

Step-VI (Login to WordPress)
Login to WordPress with your credentials

5 WordPress Login
6 WordPress Dashboard

Step-VII (Run Your WordPress Website)
7 WordPress Site

That’s all for now.

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