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Shell Script

Bash Script to Install Qmail Server on CentOS 7

How to Install Qmail Server using Bash Scripts for CentOS 6.7 / RHEL 6 / Fedora 20 / 21. Qmail is a mail server contains couple of modules for successful working of Qmail server.This methods is the most easy methods while dealing with the installations of Qmail Server with easy Installations Scripts. Thanks to the developer of this installation scripts for creation such an awesome base scripts that provides Qmail Server installation within minutes.

Qmail Server Bash Scripts will Install following packages:

  • SMTP with SSL support
  • Spam Assassin for removing Junk messages
  • ClamAV Antivirus support
  • SimScan
  • SquirrelMail Mail Client
  • VPOP mail
  • Dovecot.
  • MySQL Database server
  • TinyDNS .
  • Razor
  • Ripmime
  • Auto Response
  • Ezmlm
  • Validrcrptto
  • All Qmail Sever Tools are Included

Pre Installation Dependencies

  1. Need working Internet Connection
  2. Need an Updated CentOS 6.7 / RHEL 6 / Fedora 21 / 20 Distro.
  3. Need a ROOT account access for script run

For updating the distro with latest packages you need to run given commands in Terminal.

# yum upgrade -y

For switching normal accounts to root accounts you need to run commands on your Terminal

# su -
Enter your password

Qmail Server Installation Script

Method-1 (Download and run the Qmail Server Installation Scripts)

Download the Qmail Server Installation Scripts

# wget

Run the Qmail Server Installation Scripts

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# bash
# sh
Method-2 (Clone and run the Qmail Server Installation Scripts)

Install the GIT

# yum install git -y

Clone and run the Qmail Server Installation Scripts

# git clone && bash qmail-mail-server-installation-script/
# git clone && sh qmail-mail-server-installation-script/

Note: After script is running from terminal the given Qmail Server Installation scripts required active internet connection during script run wait for couple of minutes it requires time depending on speed of your computer and your internet connection speed so be a patience during installation of the scripts.

Final Words

Congratulations now you have installed and configured the qmail server after that you should consider to open and access the default mail server localhost address to the web browser. If you need more support for this installations procedures you need to use the comment section below.

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