AlmaLinux is a new build of RHEL fork by the CloudLinux Founder and open source community. After the CentOS 8 stream announcement by Red Hat. The founders of CentOS and CloudLinux promised to be released a free version of enterprise grade Linux. AlmaLinux will be bug-to-bug compatibility with the RHEL 8.

As RockyLinux is developed by the CentOS founder. The AlmaLinux is developed by the Igor Seletskiy which is a Founder and CEO of CloudLinux company. The Most important thing is it will be free forever so instead of waiting for the new builds it is better to switch to the AlmaLinux.


  • Alma is the word coming from the Latin dictionary knows as “Soul”.
  • It is always free fork of RHEL build by CloudLinux Founder
  • It is based on the stable channel of RHEL for updates.
  • Converting the CentOS based server to Almalinux is so easy.
  • AlmaLinux is supports until  year 2029.
  • User will be in peace of mind so it is backed by the CloudLinux Company.
  • Continuous support for the AlmaLinux
  • Huge support from the Open Source Community
  • Easy switching from CentOS to AlmaLinux anytime.
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AlmaLinux is a New name of Open Source Enterprise Linux.

The AlmaLinux supported by CloudLinux and Open Source Community. CloudLinux done a huge investment on the AlmaLinux. So project should be alive. CloudLinux also promised to provide support and updates for AlmaLinux lasts till year 2029.

Release Date of AlmaLinux

When AlmaLinux will released is the big question. There is no ETA available at this movement. It will be release in initial days. But It will released on Q1 of the year 2021. For CentOS 8 user instead of downgrading to CentOS 7 it is better to wait for some months till the AlmaLinux will released.

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Final Thoughts

This is the great news who uses the CentOS as a base OS for their infrastructure. Also Web Hosting industry also enjoys the perks provided by the AlmaLinux. It is better to wait for its release.