The Linux Mint uses Mozilla Firefox as a default web browser. Out of that it is also installed by default. Main concern about is search engine by default they uses DuckDuckGo search engine. Form the Linux mint 20 version the they restrict the search engine changing to the Google. Why they doing such practices with open source Linux OS. This seems like UNIX. We are proving the tutorial to get back to Google search engine.

Linux Mint is one of the best Linux Distribution that provides great cinnamon Desktop Environment. It provides some out of box features as well as applications including some basic apps like VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Out of that Mozilla Firefox plays an important role while browsing the internet. When we browse the internet the Google Search Engine plays the important role while surfing the world of internet. But unfortunately the Mozilla Firefox came with the Linux Mint that doesn’t came with default search engine as Google.

Linux Mint contains following Search engines in default version:

  • Yahoo
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ixquick
  • Startpage
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia

Step-1 (Go to Linux Mint Search Engine Pages)

Go to the Linux mint Search page.

Navigate to Other search engine and finally hit on google icon.


Step-2 (Make Google Default Search Engines)

Hit on google icon show.

You need to hit on here to add the google search engine.

After opening check the box Make this the current search engines and hit on Add Button.

Add Default Search engine dialog

Step-3 (Upgrade the Mozilla Firefox Restart The OS then Open Mozilla Firefox browser to confirm the changes)

Install and Upgrade the Mozilla.

# apt clean all && apt update && apt dist-upgrade && apt install firefox -y

After restarting the Mozilla browser the address bar and search bar looks like this.

Search Bar

Congratulations now you have added Google search engine as a default to Mozilla Firefox.