How to Encrypt Amazon EBS Volumes using AWS KMS Customer Managed Keys

In this chapter, we are going to encrypt EBS volume using customer-managed KMS keys. To protect your data from unwanted things or attacks volume encryption provides an extra layer to

How to Setup Nagios Monitoring using AWS Cloud Formation on Ubuntu Instance

In this guide, we will setup nagios monitoring server on Ubuntu. When monitoring comes in picture it plays vital role in maintaining infrastructure as well as application availability with 0%

How to Optimize MySQL Performance on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

In this guide, we will optimize the MySQL Database Server performance and implement various optimization parameters on AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Amazon Linux. When it comes to database performance of

How to Enable TLS 1.3 on Apache and Nginx

The TLS 1.3 is a latest encryption protocol perfectly know for its speed and security. This guide shows you how you will integrate TLS 1.3 to Nginx and Apache. TLS

5 Security Tips to Protect your WordPress Website from Hackers

In this modern world, most of the users have their WordPress websites or blogs. As per security aspects, the security of the website is the most important factor. The website

How to Enable AES-128 Bit SSL Cipher with TLS 1.3 on Nginx Web Server

In this tutorial we will use the latest security suite of OpenSSL version 1.1.1 which supports TLS 1.3. As a performance part the Lets Encrypt SSL. It should be lightweight.

How to Set Up NGINX Web Server on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

NGINX is the high performance web server and reverse proxy server. The AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux / Amazon Linux is the first version of Red Hat family in which the

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