How to Fix Broken Packages on Ubuntu / Debian

Finally When a Linux user or sysadmin performs package management on Ubuntu / Debian most of them preferred apt or apt-get or dpkg as a package management utility to install

Bash Script to Install Qmail Server on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

Qmail is a mail server contains couple of modules for successful working of Qmail mail server on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux / Amazon Linux. This methods is the most easy

How to Configure New Relic Server Monitoring on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux

The New Relic Server Monitoring Software has most popular monitoring software available for AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux / Amazon Linux. It is used by the hosting company for resource monitoring,

How to Enable Persistent Object Cache using Redis on WordPress

The Redis is the type of cache solution for Persistent Object Cache for WordPress. It is only recommended solution for object cache. This type of cache stores data from database